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A series of thirteen oil paintings made in 2018, addressing struggles with structure, barriers, and portraiture in comparison and conversation with itself. 

Ignorant and Innocent. Holding both things at the same time. Our edges fracture us and make us whole. These marks are simultaneous reminders of comfort and trauma.

Can the two ever be separated? Even if they could, should they be? This work is a conflict between carving out clarity and making peace with a nebulous reality.


A short series of paintings finished in 2018, Recourse grapples with frustration, anxiety, and my self-confidence as an artist. 

The first order of business when I moved into my studio was to confront old, unfinished paintings in an attempt to find reconciliation and resolution. The immediacy and informality of the medium encouraged me to take bolder risks, and completing these paintings has allowed me to move forward.

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all Recourse works are 24'' x 24'' acrylic


a collage piece from 2016 using Dana Morgenson's book Remembering Yosemite as both the subject and primary medium. I meticulously removed or concealed all the text in the book, and responded to the isolated images.

ember reaffirmed my aesthetic talent during a time of creative struggle, and reminds me that a light of creativity always burns inside me.

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